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Czechs in space? Domestic companies are contributing to research and defence of the planet

20 November 2020 / Forbes

Flying into space did not end for us with Vladimír Remek being sent into orbit. The space industry is well developed in our country and there are two internationally prominent players in the Czech market: OHB Czechspace and ATC Space, contributing, among other things, to the construction of the Ariane 6 launch vehicle, which is being developed by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Czech flag on the body of Ariane 6 for the first time

11 November 2020 / Czech Space Week 2020

An online lecture of the second of the main partners of this year’s Czech Space Week took place on Tuesday, 10 November, from 7 pm as part of the “Český kosmický průmysl” (Czech Space Industry) series. The lecture, which was created in cooperation with the partner company ATC Space, was given by Pavel Dobeš, CEO of both companies, and Aleš Homolka, COO of ATC Space.

The last set of parts for the first launch of the new European rocket Ariane 6 is heading from the Czech Republic for final assembly

13 August 2020 / Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic

This week, the last set of parts for the new generation of European launch vehicles Ariane 6 is leaving the Czech Republic. It is heading to Augsburg for the application of thermal protection, then to Bordeaux for the installation of electronics, and finally to French Guiana for final assembly and launch into space. This is the largest flight hardware ever produced in the Czech Republic and also the largest business opportunity in the field of space activities. Once serial production begins, it will result in hundreds of millions of CZK in turnover.

Czech flag on Ariane 6

5 February 2020 / Magazine “Letectví+kosmonautika” 2/2020

ATC Space participates in the production of the new generation of the European rocket Ariane. It supplies parts and assemblies for booster engines. This production has led to the establishment of a factory of the twenty-first century.

The Czech Republic will manufacture rocket parts. ATC Space has a new plant in Klatovy

1 November 2019 / deník.cz

Thanks to ATC Space, the Czech Republic will participate in the production of the ARIANE 6 launch vehicle. The manufacturer of parts for the space industry today opened a new plant in Klatovy for 19 million euro, which will employ up to 60 workers. As the Minister of Transport, Vladimír Kremlík, told reporters at the opening, the plant will be producing for 20 to 30 years, depending on how the space programme and the development of this rocket will continue. The ministry supports these activities, and a few weeks ago the government approved a space programme until 2025.

The Czechs will manufacture and test parts for a European spacecraft.Nobody in the world makes what we make, says the manager of Aerotech

7 November 2018 / Hospodářské noviny

In two years, the European rocket Ariane 6 will launch into space for the first time, with the Czech flag on its body. Some parts of the spacecraft will be manufactured and tested in the Czech Republic. In the previous version of the rocket, Ariane 5, which carries satellites into orbit under the auspices of the European Space Agency, the Czechs only contributed with minor assembly of some parts. The assembly was performed by Aerotech Czech based in Klatovy.

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